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Made in #SATM
Made in #IndiGo

We proudly present #SATMites who have landed different roles across Airports in India with #IndigoAirlines whether it be

Airportgroundoperations agent or

PassengerGroundServices Agent ( #PGSA) or #AirlineSecurityOfficer is or #AirCargo executive or Ramp Agent or Cabin Attendant or *#CustomerService Agent (#CSA) – we have ‘em all!

Discover the world of opportunities with #Internationaldiploma /Certificate Courses from the pioneers in #AviationEducation in India with 30years of *Training partnership with * #IATA!!!

Embark on a journey where adventure, culture, and career converge – only at SATM!

Kickstart Your Aviation Career dreams at SATM – your passport to an exciting #Aviationcareer!

Enroll Now for our next intake!

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