Aviation is not for everyone, but at SATM, our teachers teach us to dare and think beyond our capacity. We learned to think lifestyles and ambitions that were once unreachable. Apart from the curriculum, it is mental support from the entire staff- that has helped all of us move forward in life.
The facilities and ambience provided at SATM are highly superior and competent in all respects. I consider it a great chance for me to experience the corporate environment in this institute. The teachers provide us with an in-house setting of what happens in the aviation industry. This helps us, students, cope with challenges at a much better level.
Being a student of SATM was about making the most of all the opportunities available to me. SATM helped me to be more independent and confident in myself. It was great to have many different trainers who were very friendly and we're here to push me to my best level to be able to shape my future. I have made great progress and have developed a wide range of skills concerning Aviation. SATM is particularly very good as they involve students at every level. If I had to sum up the institution in four words they would be “SATM is the best”
I think I am quite fortunate to have been part of SATM and they are not just any normal schools of education. The best part about having studied here is that they gave a lot of moral support to me who boosted my confidence and morale on how to lead a professional livelihood. I am sure this would have been quite impossible without the backup encouragement provided by the teacher at SATM.
Guess what! I was a mere school kid at the time of joining. Now SATM has been successful to mold an admirable person out of me. It is at SATM that I was able to understand what my hidden talents were and whether I could go forward with this profession. At times, when I thought it was time to step back, my teachers were my backbone and still, I can stand confidently because of their prayers and blessings.
If you have a mind to excel in the aviation industry, then my recommendation would be- Go for SATM! This is a great place that provides education, the right ambience, the perfect ambience, and the right combination of teachers who have years of rich corporate experience. So, we get a combination of theory and real-life instances that would further widen our knowledge by all means.
When it comes to fine-tuning your personality related talents, I couldn’t recommend any other school that trains students to analyze their hidden talents and also provide a floor to showcase these unique talents. I am thankful for being a part of SATM.
You identify quality when performance seems to repeat every time constantly. That is what I can say about SATM. They provide education, facilities and placement support on a continual basis and groom all of us from beginners to professionals who can confidently represent companies and carry responsibilities without hesitation.