The International Air Transport Association (IATA) Training Program for Cargo Agents is a premium course for Air Cargo Forwarding.
IATA Cargo Introductory Diploma Program is undertaken under the supervision of cargo training board represented by the IATA Cargo Agencies Conference and Air Freight Institute.

More than 20000 students
placed globally.


The duration will be for six months and for five days a week.
The exam will be conducted twice a year- April & October.
Enrollment is valid for 18 months only.
The exam is conducted in all major cities worldwide and in India- Cochin, Trivandrum, Calicut and Chennai.


All graduates are eligible and, 10th and +2 schools are also welcome provided your communication skills are good.

Course Content

* Industry Regulation
* The Air Cargo Agency
* World Geography
* Use of Guides
* Aircraft
* Handling Facilities
* Air Cargo Acceptance
* Cargo Booking Procedures
* Cargo Automations
* Air Cargo Rates and Charges
* Air Bill Preparations
* Cargo Operations

Certificates Offered

Certificates are provided by IATA from Montreal- Canada.


It is formulated by internationally known Cargo training experts who ensure that the course is regularly updated according to the changing scenario in the industry. You will be an acknowledged IATA accredited Cargo Agent on completion of this course. Your exposure to the International work culture and industry will be expansive and improve your decision making and management skills.
This course improves your scope of employment in many industries like Cargo, Airlines, and Airports.
You will have better chances of employment in designations like Coordinating Personnel, Cargo Handling Personnel, Customer Relation Executive, Sales Executives, Marketing Executives, Front Office Managers that offer beneficial perks and salary packages.

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