Certificate Course in Galileo Computerized Airline Reservation System (AMADEUS/ SABRE OPTIONAL) revolves around reservation science and the benefits of having a computerized system. This is a much sought after course for people seeking competency with regard to modern Ticketing and Systematic Reservation Systems.

More than 20000 students
placed globally.

Certificate Course in Galileo


The duration will be for one month and two hours per day.


All graduates are eligible and, 10th and +2 schools are also welcome provided your communication skills are good.

Course Content

* Displaying Flight Availability and Fares
* Creating, Storing, and Modifying Reservations
* Ticketing and Ticket Printing

Certificates Offered

A one hour validation program on computers will be carried on. Students who secure 60% marks and above will be awarded with a certificate

Course Benefits

Since this is the system that is used worldwide, a Galileo expert always has better options to land in competitive jobs. If you are looking for work options in Gulf and other foreign countries, this will be your best investment.

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