BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration Program) Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a course that exposes aspiring students to study, forecast and survive various industries and various management streams in the world of aviation and the logistics environment should be handled smoothly. It is a three year program that grooms their management skills and is a stable step to pursue MBA programs.

More than 20000 students
placed globally.

BBA in Logistics


The duration will be for three years.
Admissions will be looked into between March to September


Candidates must have passed +2

Course Content

Syllabus as prescribed by University

Certificates Offered

* BBA Degree
* IATA International Diploma
* Computer Reservation Certificate
* One month Airport Training Certificate
* In flight Training
* Net book

Course Benefits

Students will get sound knowledge about the manner in which supply chain is supervised and the merits and demerits of each mode of logistics.
They get an overall exposure of International and Indian markets.
Laws and upcoming trends are also updated and taught to students in a timely manner.
Case Studies help them to think proactively about the real time environment.

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